Bridging the Communication Gap for Gen Z Professionals in the UAE and KSA

A recent LinkedIn study revealed a disconnect between Gen Z professionals and their older colleagues in the UAE and KSA. However, the research also highlighted a key takeaway: both generations value intergenerational collaboration and 75% of Gen Z professionals in the region recognize the benefits of improved communication for productivity, knowledge sharing, and overall team morale.


Addressing Communication Apprehension
The study identifies apprehensions Gen Z professionals may experience, including the fear of appearing inexperienced (34%).  Another 34% also believe senior colleagues possess an unbreachable knowledge base. It’s important to acknowledge that learning is continuous, and senior professionals are often eager to share their expertise.


Overcoming Jargon Barriers
The study also found that unfamiliar corporate jargon can be isolating for 51% of Gen Z professionals. In this case, proactive clarification is key! Take the chance to ask for clear explanations of confusing terms politely, you will be pleasantly surprised that most colleagues would appreciate the opportunity to provide clarity and ensure everyone is on the same page.


The Power of Reverse Mentoring
Mentorship is traditionally viewed as a one-way street. However, Gen Z’s digital fluency and fresh perspectives offer significant value. Take the initiative to build constructive conversations with your senior colleague to harness your expertise in social media or emerging technologies. This fosters a collaborative learning environment and benefits everyone involved while also helping you build positive relations with your older peers.


Building Connections Beyond the Workstation
Professional organizations, industry events, and online communities provide excellent platforms for Gen Z professionals to break the ice and connect with colleagues across generations. Stepping outside your comfort zone and engaging in these spaces can lead to valuable connections and ongoing learning opportunities, that will gradually ease this apprehension against older professionals.


The Role of Company Initiatives
The study emphasizes the importance of company-driven initiatives, as it was found that 73% of Gen Z believe companies should do more. Organizations have a pivotal role in fostering intergenerational collaboration through workshops, team-building exercises, or even casual coffee meetups that encourage interaction between different age groups.


Communication is a vital skill honed through consistent effort. Take the initiative, embrace open dialogue, and work to bridge the communication gap. You’ll be surprised by the depth of knowledge and experience you can gain from your colleagues across generations.